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I am a former Pinellas County, Florida teacher and current author.  I hold certifications in English 6-12 and Mathematics 5-9.

I offer no stress evaluations.

All that I require are copies of 2 samples from at least 2 different subjects emailed or mailed to me through the US Postal service.  These samples can be workbook pages, projects, or anything that would allow me to see progress in the 2 subject areas.  Then I will call and speak with your child for just a few short minutes to ask them simple questions like, "How long have you been homeschooling?" "What is your favorite subject?"


$25 for the first child

$20 for each additional child.  

If you are ready to set up the evaluation(s), 

Click here to fill out the FL Homeschool Evaluation Form


After filling out the form, you will be directed on how to submit your samples.

For more information:  



Check out the status of my Florida Teaching Certification here:

First Name:  Cynthia  Last Name: Perkins  MI: K


I accept Paypal (and other forms of payment)

Just an FYI: I plan to always keep my teacher certification, so I am available to evaluate your child(ren) this year and for years to come!  If you are happy with my services, please feel free to recommend me to your homeschooling friends!



NEW! I now offer Online Math Tutoring for Basic Math through Algebra 1


30-minute tutoring session - $12.85      45-minute tutoring session - $18.85    1-hour tutoring session - $25.00      1 and 1/2 hour tutoring session - $35.00

If the appointment needs to be canceled for any reason (by you or by me), you will receive a full refund.


Click here to pay through PayPal or email for my address to send a check or money order:

 When booking a tutoring session, please list the topic(s) you are requesting help with so I can prepare for the session. 

(There is no charge for the time I spend preparing for the session.)



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