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Creativity In the Homeschool


In addition to being a homeschool evaluator,

I am a Florida-certified math and ELA teacher

with 17 years of teaching experience, and I

have a passion for helping students succeed. I

specialize in making even the most reluctant

math students love math!


Soon, I will begin teaching a Middle School Math class and an Algebra 1 class to Florida homeschoolers. The classes will be $25 per 45-minute class taught weekly (this price reflects about 30 minutes of prep/grading time per class for me) with homework and quizzes provided for free. Step-by-step answer keys will be provided for the homework and I will grade the quizzes.

Prerecorded classes will also be offered for those who prefer to work at their own pace. Those who sign up for the live classes will also receive the prerecorded classes for free in case they miss a class or need a review.

Please contact me for more information about my new program, Math Classes for Homeschoolers in Florida.

Cynthia K. Perkins



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